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Dual Controller for Vibratory Feed Systems
Variable Frequency Bowl Controller With Integrated Thyristor Controller

The Reo FT2R6/168 dual controller includes a digital MFS 168 variable frequency bowl controller and an integrated R6/439 controller for a vibratory hopper or inline.

A Reo MFS 168 digital controller varies the frequency of the output to the feeder bowl. It provides a highly stable drive frequency, independent of the power supply frequency. The MFS 168 has inputs for a track control sensor. Interfaced to an accelerometer, it provides constant feed rate, auto-tunes the drive unit, and runs the feeder at a constant amplitude.

A Reo R6/439 thyristor controller is linked to the feeder controller to provide variable speed feeding from a vibratory inline or hopper. It is interlocked to the status relay of the MFS 168 controller so a hopper cannot run unless the bowl is in run mode. This dual controller comes to you as a package, ready for easy installation.

Technical Specifications - MFS 168

Supply voltage 110/230v, 50/60 Hz auto setting*
Output frequency Adjustable between 8...140 Hz
Output current 8 amp maximum total current
Soft start 0...4 seconds
Soft stop 0...4 seconds
Sensor supply 24V, 25 mA
Switch ON time delay 0...10 seconds
Switch OFF time delay 0...10 seconds
Enable 12-24v DC / Volt-free contact
Status output 250v, 1 Amp
Enclosure IP54**

*Auto setting allows the controller to accept input power of either 110v or 230v without manual adjustment

**Protected against dust and splashing water

Technical Specifications - R6/439

Supply voltage 110/240v, 50/60 Hz (switchable)
Output current 0.2 - 6 amp
Output frequency 60/120 (switchable)
Enable 24v, DC or volt-free contacts
Soft start Adjustable 0.1 - 4 seconds
Dimensions 205 x 90 x 50 mm
Protection IP54**

All REO control units are CE marked and conform with European EMC and low voltage directives. They can be used with half or full wave electromagnetic feed systems.


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